Why We Love It Here

Our story is fairly common.

Like many D.C. residents, we’ve been coming to Rehoboth Beach for years – staying in various B&Bs for long weekends, lounging on the beach and enjoying Rehoboth’s unusual combination of small-town charm and big-city dining. When we retired – Jeff from a job that took him all over the world; Robert from a job that mainly found him sitting in front of a TV – we decided we wanted to spend more time, more often, in this beach town we had come to love.

So we booked a vacation apartment in Star of the Sea and began looking all over the area. We found a lovely place off of Silver Lake, a bigger-than-we-could-handle townhouse off of Route 1, and a nice two-bedroom flat up on Maryland Avenue. But none of them seemed quite right.

And then we came to a fairly easy epiphany: What we wanted was exactly what we had in the unit we were renting at Star of the Sea.

What was that?

A place where we could wake up in the morning and drink our coffee on a large balcony overlooking the ocean. A place where we could step out the front door and walk directly onto the boardwalk and the beach – because that’s why we’re here, right? A place where we could walk to shops and restaurants and leave the car behind in a safe, secure garage. And a place where we could go to bed taking one last look at the moon over the same ocean we’d see when we woke up.

Which is how we ended up in Star of the Sea #807. We love the building, we love the people who run the building (an important component, both for an owner and a guest), and we love the access it gives us to one of our favorite places on earth.

And we very much hope you agree.

Jeff and Robert

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