Update on the 2020 Season

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Look for interesting changes in Rehoboth Beach this season, including sidewalk cafes, new pedestrian-only zones, and restricted street parking in the downtown area. There’ll still be plenty of parking for you at Star of the Sea.

Within our building, look for hand sanitizer dispensers by the elevators. Staff are wiping down frequent-touch spots throughout the day, including elevator button panels and door knobs. Elevators are now limited to one family at a time, and use of the stairs is encouraged if you’re able. Under Delaware guidelines, usage of common areas (e.g. the lobby, the pool deck) may be limited.

Do read carefully the latest guidance from our booking agent for what to bring. As of mid-summer, masks are required pretty much everywhere, and we’ve been asked to remove all pillows (both bed and decorative) as well as comforters from our unit to help our staff with new cleaning protocols.

Questions? Do feel free to contact our booking agent, or write to us directly. Do check out some of our updates below. Hope to see you soon!

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