Linens, Chairs, Umbrellas

Most folks bring their own linens, but if you’d rather rent them, it’s easy!  We’ve tested and now recommend Grand Central Station at or 302-227-RENT (302-227-7368), or ask our booking agent for advice.  A queen set of bed linens plus 2 bath, hand, and beach towels typically runs around $70 for the week (2020 price), delivered to the door, and collected from you in a bag you’ll leave outside the door as you’re departing.  Don’t forget to request a second queen set of bed linens if you plan to use the sofa bed. Simple! Unfortunately, they do not rent the pillows themselves, so you’ll need to purchase a pair or two or bring your favorites from home.

As for chairs and umbrellas, your best option is to rent from the summer-job kids who staff the kiosks right on the beach in front of our building, but keep in mind they’re only there in high season. If you’re looking to rent outside of high season, try Grand Central Station at You can ask if they’ll deliver to Unit 807. Otherwise, you might have to visit their office for pickup. Alternatively, there are shops on Rehoboth Ave and the Boardwalk that will sell you an inexpensive set, possibly even cheaper than renting!

Pro tip: During high season, make arrangements on your first day for the entire week, and the summer kids will have your chairs set up for you first thing every morning in a prime location!  Two chairs and an umbrella run around $28 a day (2020 price), and they’re yours for the day until 5pm.

There’s a great article here about the late Dick Catts and his cousin Richard Lynam who started a beach rental business years ago as teenagers. Their rental biz lives on today!

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