2019 Renovation Complete!

It’s done!  Please visit our Gallery to see the results for yourself.  If you’d like to hear more about the rationale, planning, and process of our renovation, read on. For starters, here’s the before and after:

OK, well, that nice view from the balcony hasn’t changed. We left the view untouched. But inside, here’s the whole renovation, from start to finish:

Let’s start with the kitchen. New floors, cabinets, countertops, and appliances, basically a reworking from top to bottom. If you rented last year, you’ll notice the countertops are now wider — more space for food prep — and the microwave is now above the stove. Plus the exposed electric heating elements have been replaced with a sealed cooktop. And we worked especially hard on the backsplash and lighting choices.

To make room for the expanded kitchen, we removed a somewhat pointless countertop sticking out by the refrigerator, and shifted the dining area to the right by about two feet.

That meant moving the dining area into space previously occupied by a Murphy Bed and shelving unit. The Murphy Bed is now gone, replaced by built in shelves and closets, including space for a wall mounted and much larger 4K television.

Instead of a Murphy Bed, there’s now a real bed, same queen size, in the space occupied before by a walk-in closet. Since we now have built-in closets and shelves where the Murphy Bed used to be, there was no longer a need for the walk-in closet. Plus, the real bed has space underneath to slide your unpacked suitcases (11 inches clearance).

Here are the before-and-after floor plans (approximate). You’ll notice as you enter from the main door that you now have a clear view all the way to the ocean. That’s accomplished by removing the old walk-in closet. Our view is that the view of the ocean is why the penthouse units of Star of the Sea are like nothing else you’ll find in Rehoboth Beach. We wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it!

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