Renovations and Upgrades

Upgrades for 2020

We’re constantly thinking about improvements, and greatly appreciate the comments we received in 2019. Here’s what’s new in 2020:

  • Full length mirror now tucked behind the entry door.

  • Small portable step is now in the closet, useful in the bathroom or to reach high shelves.

  • Posters moved into more sturdy frames with acrylic faces.

  • Nespresso machine. Nespresso pods were available for sale at Bed Bath and Beyond when last we checked. You’ll still have the drip coffee and Keurig machine.

  • Different colored cover over the down duvet to better distinguish it from the foam duvet, which has the striped cover.

  • Upgraded building service for HD.

On that last addition, we always had an HD capable television, and thus anything you streamed or watched from a DVD was in HD, but the building did not provide us with HD cable channels. Thankfully, the building finally signed an HD contract with Comcast. The downside is that this has made the use of the remotes a bit more complicated. Updated instructions are in the welcome book you’ll find in the unit when you arrive.

We did receive a request for wine glasses actually made of glass. We’ve decided to adhere to poolside rules, hence minimizing breakables that might be used on the balcony, both for the safety of our guests and for everyone below the 8th floor. The breakables you do find in the unit (water glasses, plates) are actually held over from the previous unit owner. When we replace them, we’ll move to high-quality unbreakables if available.

If after staying with us you can think of anything else we should consider, please do let us know at

2019 Renovation

When we purchased 807, we spruced it up a bit and purchased new furniture and furnishings, but otherwise made no major changes. Then, after a year of exploring design possibilities, we engaged one of the area’s most highly praised and sought after builders, Albert Green.

It’s been over a year now since Albert finished the job. Amazing. We’ve had not a single problem. Albert warrantied his work for a year, but we’ve yet to call him, other than to thank him for a job well done.

Here’s the before and after:

OK, well, that nice view from the balcony hasn’t changed. We left the view untouched. But inside, here’s the whole renovation, from start to finish:

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