June 2: Sunrise

2020 06 02 Sunrise from Star of the Sea Unit 807 balcony.

Arrived yesterday afternoon to a clear sky and temps in the 70s. Traffic on 50 was light, with four of the five lanes open on the Bay Bridge, and just a slight slowdown at the fare point.

Boardwalk was quite uncrowded. Celebrated with ice cream and a stroll along the beach almost to Dewey. The dolphins are out in force. Dinner on the balcony included red wine and hot buttered popcorn.

2020 06 02 6:45am looking north from Star of the Sea Unit 807.

Had some coffee and watched the walkers below. This year we’ve added one of the smaller models of Nespresso makers, so bring your capsules if you have them, or I think you might find that the Bed Bath and Beyond out on Route 1 carries them. We or course still have the Keurig machine and regular drip filter coffee maker, so bring whatever capsules and filters you think you might need.

The shot on the left is from the Boardwalk’s webcam attached to the Sands Hotel. I’m standing in the middle of the boardwalk, between the tiki hut and the white bench. I was at that moment taking the photo on the right of the new tiki hut, which will be called Kiwi’s. They’re still finishing the interior, but it will have a central bar and its own kitchen, with of course the thatch covering instead of umbrellas

2020 06 02 4pm Obie’s

Stopped by Obie’s on the Boardwalk. Fewer tables, more widely spaced, staff all in masks, beer just about as cold as I remember from last year. The big bar in the interior is open as well, just check in at the reception stand so they can keep the inside occupancy below 30% of what the fire marshall allows. Seemed lively in there, but we chose to enjoy our fish and chips outdoors.

2020 06 02 5pm Kaisy’s

Stopped by one of our favorites, Kaisy’s for dessert — thick Austrian pancakes with fruit sauce (kaiserschmarrn).

What’s new are the sidewalk tables and, to the right in the photo, barriers blocking off the parking so that pedestrians have a broader area to walk, or drivers have fewer places to park, depending on how you look at things. The point is that the sidewalk seating and the extra room for pedestrians went hand in hand, as city officials wouldn’t allow one without the other, to assure safety and to avoid crowding.

One thing you can’t see is that every so often the city inserted wheelchair ramps so that those with mobility impairments can make their way between the outer walkway and the traditional sidewalk. Very nice.

We loved it, and hope they make it permanent, and if they do, the businesses there will have an incentive to purchase umbrellas for the tables, maybe fix things up a bit nicer. And the city might put in more decorative barriers.

2020 06 02 3:30pm Beach walk

That’s our building in the distance as we face south. Lots of folks on the beach, and there was a bit of a cluster right at the end of Rehoboth Avenue. But one block north or south, very light crowds and lots of space. Lifeguards and umbrella stand operators were all on duty.


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