April 28: What Will Summer Look Like?

Snapshot below from the Boardwalk web cam. Looks like some prep work being done for a new terrace at the Sands.

Rehoboth Beach this week is ramping up planning to reopen the city, with consultations scheduled with the downtown business community. The tourist industry will be represented, and pressure is building to reopen. Some want it to happen faster than others. These are interesting times.

We expect the 14-day quarantine requirement on out-of-staters to be lifted soon, at which point we ourselves will visit to make sure all is in order, and to get a better sense of summer planning. Current restrictions expire on May 15, but of course they may be extended. We do expect limited restrictions into the summer season.

We’re just guessing here, but from what we’re hearing, possibilities include measures to control large gatherings, perhaps by limiting parking, or even by requiring cars entering Rehoboth Beach to show that they have a lease or hotel reservation. Social distancing on the beach may be enforced. Masks may be required while walking on the Boardwalk.

We expect the view from our balcony to remain unobstructed!

2020 04 28 Sunny Day at the Beach

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