April 19: Planning for Summer

Snapshot below from the Boardwalk web cam, beautiful Sunday at the beach, but chilly and only up to about 60 today. Water temp is 51, only for hardy souls in wet suits. But that’s a normal Spring day, ordinarily fine for soaking up the sun in a beach chair, with a sweater and a hat!

But of course these are not ordinary days, and the beaches remain closed until May 15. That’s just a month away. There have been discussions in the area about what happens after that. Here’s what’s going with our neighbors just to the north in New Jersey:

“In Cape May, N.J., Mayor Clarence F. Lear III recently announced the creation of a task force… give restaurants and hotels more flexibility to serve guests in a manner that encourages social distancing… whether alcohol could be purchased at takeout concessions… new controls on foot traffic… Lear added.

“Most beaches are fairly large, and people are probably going to spread out more naturally now and not crowd so close to each other, so the beaches are not the problem,” Lear said. “But the boardwalk is one of the issues…” (Washington Post)

We remain hopeful that the beach will be open. Entry to shops may require a mask, so do start thinking about where you might obtain one, or visit one of the many websites that explains how to make one out of materials you can find around your home. Restaurants may go back to half occupancy, meaning only every other table can be booked. Delivery and dinner on our balcony overlooking the ocean seems like a lovely way to manage.

How Rehoboth Beach will manage crowds on the Boardwalk, however, remains an open question. One possibility is to limit parking, which of course wouldn’t affect us since we provide underground parking. Another would be simply to physically limit access to the Boardwalk, but with so many entry points, it’s hard to imagine how that would work. The manager of our building, Brian, who is a full-time resident of Rehoboth Beach, has been keeping tabs on City discussions, and will keep us informed, I’m sure.

2014 04 19 Beach and Boardwalk web cam screen shot.

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