April 13: Peak? Maybe!

See below a snapshot from the web cam. I’ve caught a shot of police chasing someone off the Boardwalk!

No change in official pronouncements since last week. What has changed is that we’re now at what at least one model, from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington in Seattle, is predicting to be the peak impact of the virus on Delaware. That specifically translates to a spike in deaths to 9 on April 10. The next day it was 1, and the day after that it was 2. We should know whether we’ve passed the peak within a few more days.


There have been initial discussion of contingencies for the season. Will day trippers be limited this summer? These are the people that drive in just for the day, then drive out to more distant hotels or their homes in the suburbs. Specifically for our building, there’s an expectation that the usual crew of summer workers won’t arrive, so there’s been discussion of what to do about that if indeed it happens.

My personal bet is that we’ll start to see some restrictions lifted in May. Stay tuned!

2020 04 13: Police chase away someone violating the closure order on the Boardwalk.

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