April 7: Emergency Declared

See below a snapshot from the web cam. Nice social distancing! The Governor just announced that restrictions in Delaware will continue at least until May 15, though of course that date may be extended.

Signs are hopeful. The latest projections for DC, for example, show the peak of the crisis coming today, rather than two weeks from now as was projected a week ago.

Unless you have an exemption of some kind, you’ll not be permitted to use our apartment until official restrictions are lifted. We would need to see something in writing from an appropriate governmental or employing official. If you’re not sure how to obtain an exemption, just contact us and we’ll facilitate, or you can work through our booking agent at Mann and Sons by calling 302-226-5635.

We’ll certainly consider substantial reductions from our published rates, depending on circumstances, free in some cases. Here examples of exemptions that might be granted:

  • You operate an essential business requiring you to come to the area.
  • You are coming to work in a hospital in the area.
  • You are coming to care for a family member.
  • You’re a journalist coming to write a story.
  • You’re displaced from your usual home (fire, renovation, domestic violence, etc.) and have no other viable place of residence;

So, for example, suppose you’re a nurse at a small practice in Milford and you’ve volunteered to work at Beebe Hospital just outside Rehoboth Beach. Instead of driving home after your shift, you’d be welcome to stay in our apartment.

Or suppose you’re a first responder in Rehoboth Beach, you worry you might have been exposed, and would rather keep distance from your spouse and kids. Our apartment might work well for you.

Consider it our thanks for the extraordinary risks you’re taking in service to our community.

Stay tuned and stay healthy!

2020 04 07: Good compliance today with the Boardwalk and Beach closure order.

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